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HÅG Conventio Wing A solid lightweight

The HÅG Conventio Wing is tailor-made for meetings and conferences, like the HÅG Conventio. It has the same rocking mechanism too, which allows you to move more freely whilst being seated. It’s light and airy, yet sturdy, and enables you to arrange rows of seating quickly and efficiently.

  • A dynamic chair for meetings and conferences.

  • HÅG in Balance® technology ensures more subconscious movement for more energy and better flow throughout your workday. 

  • Constructed from extremely durable, lightweight materials. The wing-shaped backrest results in a refreshing design and makes it more robust.

  • Simple maintenance makes the chair well suited as a general purpose chair for conferences, schools, universities, libraries, canteens, cafés and hotels.

  • Four-legged models are easily stackable: the chairs can be stacked fifteen high.
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